Felix Horrorwicky’s catfish curry stew

If there’s anything my friend Felix is proud of it’s his fish stew prowess, and for good reason: there’s this thing he does with lentils, white fish, and spices that can really knock a person’s socks off.  Probably this has something to do with the surprising disparity between the phrase “fish stew” (unpalatable) and the the thing itself (delicious).  Whatever the case, there’s a lot to like: it can be made fancy, with halibut, or the opposite, with any cheap white fish; won’t cause your one-bedroom/ practically studio apartment to reek of fish (but smell sweetly of curry instead); is not only tasty, but also nutritionally comprehensive (Omega-3s!  Vitamin A!  Lycopene!  To name a few!); and is the perfect thing for chilly, rainy, wintry spells.  (Also, the leftovers are killer, even as cold, straight-out-of-fridge fish mush.)



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