Heat on the cheap!

Most effective, inexpensive, eco-friendly way to stay warm: SALSA.  I refer to the food, though probably it is also true of the dance.  Important to make liberal use of jalapenos and do not seed.  Taste frequently.  If you should you find yourself freezing and unable to pay your heating bill, why not try salsa-drowned huevos rancheros all the day long?



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Aberrant breakfast

Normally it is oatmeal.  On this day— Jan. 26— it was broccoli, eggs, sour cream, avocado, and languishing sunflower sprouts, plus Tabasco. Nothing beats oatmeal, I’m aware, but TRY THIS THING.  The sprouts, let’s just say, are super key.  Enzymes! They give you wings.

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Let’s get it started in here

What better way to get it started (and retarded!) in here than modestly, with the lowly yet lovely black-eyed pea?  Whoever it was who started eating cowpeas for a prosperous new year was under some funny impressions: something about them plumping up as they cook means they’re bound to plump up your pocketbook too.  This New Year’s Eve in Gainesville, too cold to scoot, I power-walked to Publix and found black-eyed peas on sale for a song (79 cents, if anyone’s counting, and with my stipend, of course I am!).  On top of exciting which, bags of collards were buy-one-get-one-free (it is those flat green leaves, looking like bills, bills, bills)!


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