Good things: weekend edition

1) Payday pot roast. The day money appears magically in my checking account happens also to be the day the public gets to purchase formerly educational meat at the University of Florida meat processing center (a.k.a. “the meat lab”).  Win-win!  This coincided with my finally breaking down and buying Marcella Hazan’s Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking, new, off Amazon, after years and years spent clinging to stubborn hope that I would find it, used, at a book sale or store. Something that occurred to me: nobody ever wants to part with this book, as nobody ever should.  Something else: $23.10 is not so steep a price on happinessGo buy it now. BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE.



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Felix Horrorwicky’s catfish curry stew

If there’s anything my friend Felix is proud of it’s his fish stew prowess, and for good reason: there’s this thing he does with lentils, white fish, and spices that can really knock a person’s socks off.  Probably this has something to do with the surprising disparity between the phrase “fish stew” (unpalatable) and the the thing itself (delicious).  Whatever the case, there’s a lot to like: it can be made fancy, with halibut, or the opposite, with any cheap white fish; won’t cause your one-bedroom/ practically studio apartment to reek of fish (but smell sweetly of curry instead); is not only tasty, but also nutritionally comprehensive (Omega-3s!  Vitamin A!  Lycopene!  To name a few!); and is the perfect thing for chilly, rainy, wintry spells.  (Also, the leftovers are killer, even as cold, straight-out-of-fridge fish mush.)


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