I dip you dip we dip

Pretty much I am like goldfish to flakes when it comes to chips and guacamole and, really, who— but the weird, resilient few among us— is not?  Which is why, come any sort of party-time, instinct #1 is to set about rounding up every soft avocado in this city, smushing up the biggest possible bowl of them, and— last/ not least— devouring with tortilla chips or carrots cut length-wise or hamfists.

But!  When, weeks ago, the lovely Terita of Veggie Mine and corn chewing/ spitting virtuosity sent W. Songs an invitation to a non-denominational dip soirée (“Let’s all enjoy this timeless tradition of dipping things into stuff!” said Terita), there seemed no better occasion to make the descent, so to speak, into the wide-underworld of cheesy-vegetable dips.  Because I had also been fretting mildly (as I am wont, etc.) about this can of artichoke hearts sitting pretty in the pantry, a can I’d at some point impulse-bought or perhaps sleep-purchased, it was this artichoke plus spinach dip that came into being.  Delivered via Triscuit and washed down with whiskey-lemonade (thank you Scott!) is, I think, the proper, most ideal, most delicious way to go.



February 18, 2010. Dips & spreads. Leave a comment.