Oh, whatever


Let’s come to terms with this: I am a suckfest of a blogger. Lately it’s been trivia, and poker, and movies starring the young Robert Downey Jr., and morning yoga with James, and struggling with pie crusts in the stupid hot Florida summer.  It’s true that I am terrible at updating blogs, but it’s also true that I am not half bad at making lavender eye pillows (for shavasana). Say the word and I will sew one for you! The pillow is muslin, filled with flax seeds and dried lavender, and comes inside its own eye pillowcase, for easy washing. Pillows can be microwaved or frozen and placed on your face or popped open and eaten!!! Own a pillow today (or soon)!! Namaste!

Fourth of July peach pie. Cold hands, warm heart, can't lose...pie crust

Birthday belly

Cold soba: many a lunch

"guest blogging"

Shrimp and oyster gumbo a.k.a. death by okra


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