Moveable feast

Basically this is my idea of the ideal Sunday: special church service (it’s palm Sunday, yo!), hanging out in my small, windowless “graduate study carrel” at the library, escaping in time for a Michelada on the porch. Now it’s nursing this thing (lime juice, salt, Worcestershire, Tabasco plus Tecate) and contemplating dinner.  Ever since watching The Hangover I have been craving a big, raw steak with roofies poked into it. Another thing I’m craving, probably because yesterday we were sitting in some onion grass, is a bagel.


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Purple fried rice

Wasn’t weird enough, I guess: I had to throw those radishes in, too.

Also, it is impossible to tell from that picture, but the egg was twins!

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Liver little!

After a week spent eating good things, Saturday was a harrowing I-don’t-know-how-many-hours at the airport, and Sunday night was sleepless. Now the problem is my body’s over here but my soul is hanging out somewhere west and yet to join it.  Meaning I can’t do any real thinking, and I’m not aware or alert enough to do anything but blend chicken livers.  Which is something, at least. Because you can almost not spell “party” without “pâté”!  Or actually: You can’t spell “parties” without “pâté”!  Except more accurately it’s: You can’t spell “pârtiés” without “pâté”!  ANYWAY, this is my favorite recipe. It’s easy and zombie-proof.


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Of course this had to happen

By “this” I mean the fried rice Mark Bittman has a crush on. And other good peoples. And now me too. Mine looks extra leeky because it is.

Also: doesn’t it seem as though there is a direct correlation between number of eggs in the refrigerator and one’s anxiety about impending travel?  Yesterday there were eight in the carton and I was losing my mind.  Now it’s mostly under control: I depart tomorrow in the AM and the egg count is down to a manageable two.

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Paradise cabbage

Recently I interviewed translator/author/kilimologist John Batki. We talked cabbage and writing, two of my favorite things.  The featured recipe tastes like spaghetti-o’s and also pizza!

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